As our first post we have asked one of the team members to create a guide about how to setup a Google Cloud Compute account.  The second guide will explain how create a CentOS 7 server.  This will be followed by guides about how to secure static IPs for your servers and how to setup OS-Login within Google Cloud compute. We are going to start with these posts to ensure people have the basics for following several of our future guides.

We will expand out to cover setups on AWS and Azure.  If you are not familiar with the names AWS or Azure these ar the cloud servers offered by Amazon and Microsoft. Each of these providers offer a free tier that is called a Micro server.  These systems are similar to the computing power of a Raspberry Pi.  To prevent rambling I will just say there will be posts/guides for Raspberry Pi’s in the future.

As you can see in just a few sentences there is a vast amount of topics to cover and one topic will lead to the next.  Enjoy the adventure of exploring hardware and software with us.  Throughout this adventure will will expose you to products ad services we have found useful and have tested ourselves.  Know that we will always disclose the nature of our relationship or lack thereof for any of the products or services we write about.  Expect honest unbiased coverage and have fun learning with us.