As I was browsing around on YouTube today, I cam across a set of videos that contained cool science. It is a set of videos called “Periodic Videos”. These are videos about each of the elements in the periodic table of elements. You remember this from school right? Well these were cool, unlike what we learned in school. One in particular explained how the touch screens on our phones work. I learned something new and figured I would share this video with all of you. Not only was it a cool video to watch but, it explains how technology works. This is the tech tie for this video.

This video about Tin (SN) is visually engaging and informative.

I always knew that tin was used in solder and in making pewter. I knew it was electrically conductive, what surprised me was that it could be made transparent!
Think about that, a transparent metal!

Science rocks and that is what makes our technology so cool. Never stop leaning and you will always feel like a child, Amazed by the world around you!