• An android phone running Android 4.0.0 or greater. (It may work on certain devices pre 4.0.0) [ROOT IS NOT REQUIRED]
  • An internet connection
  • Basic phone knowledge
  • You must have “Unknown Sources” Enabled
  • Apps that have ads you wish to block

Note: This method doesn’t disable internet usage of the app(s) in question. They just disable ad server access.


Please note: This blocks all ads in games. You have to disable the blocking if you want to watch an ad for extra in-game currency or benefits. Also, this method isn’t 100% reliable but works for 90% of apps if done correctly. This method also doesn’t work if a VPN is being used on the device DNS66 is set up on.


Step 1:


and find the latest release


Step 2:

Tap “Assets”


Step 3:

Tap the asset that ends in “.apk”. Make sure you don’t tap on the file that ends in “apk.asc”


Step 4:

When it’s done downloading, open the file, tap install


Step 5:

When the install is complete, open the app


Step 6:

When the app opens, it will look like the below image. Enable “Watch connection”


Step 7:

At the top, tap “HOSTS”


Step 8:

Enable “Refresh daily”


Step 9:

At the top, tap “DNS”


Step 10:

[Optional] Deselect all of DNS entries and select “CloudFlare DNS (1)” “CloudFlare DNS (2)”


Step 11:

At the top, tap “START”


Step 12:

At the bottom, tap “START” and open an app to make sure DNS66 is blocking ads correctly.