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The most popular version of the Linux operating system is Android.  This is because of the number of phones and other devices it runs on.


The video game Minecraft has sold over 106,860,000 copies in the past 8 years.


This area of the homepage was originally intended to have only 2 facts listed.


Steam has their own command prompt for hosting game servers on Windows and Linux.


What Is GeekSpeak.IT?

Here at Geekspeak.IT we will talk about everything technology related. We won’t be limited to topics about phones or servers or TVs or cutting the cord, we will cover it all. Our goal is to democratize technology and the acquisition [...]

What Can I Find On GeekSpeak.IT?

As our first post we have asked one of the team members to create a guide about how to setup a Google Cloud Compute account.  The second guide will explain how create a CentOS 7 server.  This will be followed [...]

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